Evénement: “Coping with the economic take-off of Africa: the role of China” par Pr Huang



Jeudi 16 mai 2013 à 19:00 au restaurant « La Grappe d’Or »,
Rue des Pâquis 19 (place de la Navigation).

Entrée gratuite. Consommation individuelle.

Inscription obligatoire : julien.chambolle@africa21.org

What is the role for China to cope with Africa‘s rising? Driven by the pace of reforms, strategic behaviour and the demand for raw materials, economic relations between China and Africa are seen a major component of the take-off of African countries. In the talk, Professor Yi will emphasise on the channels from international trade, financial flows and related spillover effects. In addition, he will adress the potential substantial benefits arising from learning by trading and growing by investment’s interconnections.

An open discussion will follow the presentation of Professor Yi (30-45 min).


The speaker
Yi Huang, Assistant Professor of International Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.