Journalistic competition on « Biodiversity and ecosystem services » for Egyptian journalists.

Projets – Réseau des journalistes
6 décembre 2021  

As part of the online workshop for Egyptian journalists organized 25, 26 and 27 October 2021, a competition was organised on the theme of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

This competition was supported by :

An international jury composed of journalists from the Maghreb evaluated the following entries:

  • Alyaa Abo Shahba ; medias : Rose El Youssef newspaper, Rassef22, Daraj, Scientific American Magazine ; project : « Can Egyptian Turtles Survive Extinction? », published in : Scientif American Magazine. To access the article in Arabic or in English.
  • Hadeer Elhadary ; medias : Scientific American, Vice Arabia, Miraa, Al Shrouk, Aleyada ;
  • Dina Almaraghi ; media : Al Ahram ; project : « Will sharks survive extinction this time ?« , published in Al Ahram. To access the article in English.
  • Ahmed Mostafa Saad ; media : TIBA Channel ; Project : « Expectations of an increase in armed conflicts in African due to climate change and the deterioration of biological diversity« , published in Eleqtisade News; To access the article in Arabic or in English.
  • Ehab Zidan ; medias : Daraj media, Vice Arabia, Misbar, Arab Reporters For Investigative, Deutsche Welle ; Project : « The assassination of life in Egypt: the government and coal merchants cut down 4 thousand acres of trees… and the price is the health of the citizen » ; To access the article in English ; Published in :
  • Salah Laban ; media : Al Ghad TV ; Project : « Annihilation Professionals. Endangered animals and birds facing “ guns”, published in Al Ghav TV ; To access the article in Arabic or in English.
  • Ahmed Muhammad Mustafa Saba ; medias :,,,, ; Project : « Food security is in danger due to the continued loss of honey bees« , published in : ; To access the video in Arabic with english subtitled.
  • Eman hassan ; media : Nile radio network ; Project : « E-tadweer application to get rid of electronic waste, to preserve environment and biodiversity in Egypt« , in the radio show Beit Sherif Program Get Green, Nile radio network ; To access to the show in arabic, part 1 (English translation) and part 2 (English  translation).
  • Ahmed Youssef Ragab Elsayed ; media : Shorouk daily newspaper ; Project : « How does the killing of street dogs lead to breaching the ecosystem and biodiversity in Egypt?« , published in Shorouk News ; To access to the article in Arabic or in English.
  • Shimaa Draz; medias : Mandara Media Gate – Time Network – Bloom News ; Project : « Change is a change that threatens the customs of Upper Egypt with extinction« , published in Waqt Ar ; to access to the article in Arabic or in English.

The winners are :

  1. Alyaa Abo Shahba : 18,00 points
  2. Salah Laban : 17,75 points
  3. Hadeer Elhadary : 17,67 points