The winners of the Nairobi circular economy competition have been announced!

Projets – Réseau des journalistes
22 février 2024  

As part of the launch of the Africa 21 Journalists’ Network’s new cycle of activities on the circular economy, a journalistic competition was organized.
The winners have now been announced, following their assessment by the members of the jury.
To see the entries received, Click here.

The jury was made up of :

  • Thuku Kariuki, journalist
  • Sébastien Jan, project manager at Drep. Africa
  • Alejandro Gomez Lopez, G-NEXID coordinator
  • Karim Zaouaq, Professor of Public Law, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez
  • Julien Chambolle, General Secretary of Africa 21

The members of the jury were asked to assess the entries according to the following criteria:

  • Choice of subject in relation to the competition theme, compliance with instructions (maximum 3 points);
  • Quality of journalistic production (written, audio and video; maximum 10 points);
  • Relevance of the data chosen, its quality and its use in the article or report (maximum 4 points);
  • Accessibility of the article for the general public (ease of reading and understanding of the issues presented; maximum 3 points).

The Africa 21 Secretariat then calculated the average score for each candidate to determine the final ranking.
To find out the results of the competition :